Sherlock is Hot! More Sherlock Holmes Stories and Analysis

I told you I lost an entire day to reading Sherlock related news pieces. Here are some more ranging from news about the popular game version of our favorite consulting detective and his partner in crime solving to some new interviews and actual analysis of the popularity of the character. To borrow from John Watson, it’s all good.

Martin Freeman as John Watson and Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes (wearing only a sheet) sitting in Buckingham Palace

See what happens when you say you don't mind the slash fan fiction, Sherlock. We've really got to be more careful.

First, there are some new quotes and ideas, including a lovely bit by Moffat, on Irene Adler and Scandal in Belgravia in the Journal Gazette. My favorite quote is Moffat’s “Love among the deranged.”

There’s a nice comparison of the differences in interpretation between the Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law film versions of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson and BBC Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman on the NBC Miami site. SPOILER WARNING if you haven’t seen Game of Shadows yet.

MTV News has a rather lengthy video interview with Benedict Cumberbatch in which he discusses his awareness of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson gay fan fiction (known as “slash” and represented by the symbol “S/J”) thanks to Martin Freeman’s increased tech savvy. Rather than just give you the link to the MTV News, check out the abbreviated version (with link to the full article on Pink News UK) at Democratic Underground (Not what you think).

KQED Public Television has a lovely 5 Reasons to Watch Sherlock Holmes with a smashing photo of Andrew Scott as Moriarty (and I’m sorry but he will go down as Best Moriarty Ever for me).

The Vancouver Sun (sponsors of the amazing Vancouver Sun Run) of British Columbia has a wonderful preview of Scandal in Belgravia with an interview of Benedict Cumberbatch in which he discussed how difficult it is “to play clever.”

While I don’t usually catch the Huffington Post, there’s quite a nice, lengthy piece on BBC Sherlock Season 2, Moffat and Dr. Who. Alas, Moffat makes it clear that we’re never going to get more than 3 episodes per “season” for Sherlock. He calls it “event-status” production versus the standard television approach and he does have a point about the Sherlock episodes becoming events instead of just another episode. I do like that he considers Season 1 to be John-centric while Season 2 is Sherlock focused. It puts much in perspective. He also discussed how difficult it is for him and Gatiss to keep from being drawn into writing from what they know is to come and the middle-aged, settled Holmes and Watson that they grew up with. There’s also a dazzling discussion of the impact of new technology on the amount of fiction we are consuming these days and how we are consuming it.  Spoiler Warning! There’s a video clip from the last episode of Season 2 at the end of the article.

There’s a fresh, lengthy article and video clip (in which Benedict Cumberbatch demonstrates the “turn ups” of his jeans) of the PBS NYC Q & A with creator Steven Moffat, producer Sue Vertue and Benedict Cumberbatch at Radio Times. There are some interesting questions including one regarding a blank check and ideal project.

And last, but hardly least for us geeks, there’s some news about The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, the next installment in Frogware’s Sherlock Holmes game series.

Whoo! I need some coffee and to pull an all-nighter before I get too far behind in my mundane work. But this was so much more fun!



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