More Sherlock Season 4 Spoilers Reported

The International Business Times offers more spoilers for Sherlock Series/Season 4.  [Do I actually need a SPOILER ALERT here? Really? ] The article quotes Steven Moffat alluding to Moriarty’s returning as a major character and an increase in romance as well as more screen time for Molly and Mrs. Hudson.

According to executive producer Steven Moffat, the viewers will also see more of Molly in the next season. “I think she will become an important part of the show. One difficulty in adapting Sherlock Holmes is that there are no women in the original stories. You really do not have the female perspective on them and they are a little flat when they show up. Yet, every time a woman appears in Sherlock, it works hugely well,” Moffat explained.

Moffat continued to discuss why women are important for Sherlock the show and the character himself. “A female perspective in the friendship and on the man is incredible illuminating and telling. We have majorly expanded the part of Mrs. Hudson, played by Una Stubbs, because she did not speak in the original story. We brought Molly in,” he said.

Despite the excitement of fans, they would have to wait a long time for the fourth season. “You know, we will do what we can but not sacrifice quality. If people have to wait for two years, they will have to wait for two years,” Moffat said.

Biting my tongue except to point out that there are plenty of women in Sherlock Holmes stories, including a number who are admired by Holmes, just not as continuous characters. But it seems Team Sherlock is moving from thinking in terms of each episode as being a feature film but, like Dr. Who, each season being a series of episodes in an overarching storyline.

Update: Realized about 4 hours later, Molly is about to become Rose to replay the unrequited love affair with David Tennant and probably get a touch of “tough” Amy Pond who would get angry with Matt Smith. I’m willing to put a tenner on it.

Update 2: “Increase in romance” is code for the return of The Woman, Irene Adler, and heavy angst for John and Mary.  Also, expect Molly to be attracted to a new “sociopath” (no longer in the DSM, btw) — “That’s my type.” I’ll put a fiver on this one. Now would someone please remind Team Sherlock and Mofftiss that Sherlock Holmes is a mystery/detective series and not a romance or even Downton Abbey melodrama soap.


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