Sherlock Wants a Pony Because Wanting a Murder Is a Bit Not Good

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Homes in the BBC series Sherlock sitting, looking deep in thought

I wonder if Steven and Mark are getting me BAFTA for my birthday. I mean the Critic’s Choice was nice, but what I really want is a BAFTA… Or a pony.

Coming so close to Christmas, I’m certain Sherlock had a lot of disappointing birthdays (I have a friend whose birthday is Christmas and another who’s is January 10th, so I’ve listened long and hard to the complaints), but my fingers are crossed that Moffatt and Gatiss are indeed working away to write a Season 3 that will finally get Benedict Cumberbatch a trophy to match Freeman’s and Scott’s.

Meanwhile, the Cumberbabes and other Cumberbatch and BBC Sherlock fans have done an amazing job of raising money to donate in his name to youth cancer research and support. And we’re working on a little something special for tomorrow (Mr. Cumberbatch’s 36th birthday) that we hope will delight all of his fans.

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