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You Look Good In Anything, Sherlock

As I race to get things done in time for both the Seattle Sherlock Con (sorry, registration is now closed)  and NaNoWriMo (any writers might want to take a peek at my new NaNoWriMo prep post with a new Novel Project Development Worksheet at IconoclasticWriter.com), I went completely insane and decided to try to write, design, and complete not one but two special projects to premier next weekend. And since efficient production doesn’t always follow in a linear fashion, I ended up doing the artwork first. Now I’d like opinions as to which one to use in the project (the others will be used in a different fashion).

So below are three images. Let me know in the comments which you like best and would like to see printed — I mean physically printed — as well as optimized for screens.

Oh, and if you don’t hear a lot from me this week, know it’s because I’m working on dropping a bunch of new things after the 4th.

Version A: 1980’s – Style Posterized Version

Posterized version of Sherlock on the rooftop in Reichenbach Falls with the text "What might we deduce about his heart?" and "Sherlock Cares"

Version A: A Simplified, posterized image similar to some classic 1980’s poster artwork by artists like Nagel and Goines

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