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BBC Sherlock Season 3 Guide and Guesses

Last Update: 08 January, 2014

As we get more information, hints, teasers, rumours, sightings, and so forth, I’m going to update and fine-tune my guesses.

And for those who don’t want any spoilers, you might want to go look at something else. There are some nice fanfic or captions or videos you can amuse your self with.
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Sherlock Season 3 Hints — Spoilers, Sweetie

Well, the Baker Street Babes, among others, have posted the hint that Mark Gatiss and company gave about Season 3 Sherlock. I’m not certain it actually helps reduce the pain (especially since there are awful rumours that the first episode won’t air until FALL 2013).

Follow the link to the Baker Street Babes Tumblr post. Or this one to their true home on Blogger.

There’s also a nice piece on the hints at Radio Times.

The 3 Key Words Given were:


There are a number of possible stories that could apply. We know that The Empty House has to be a part of the first episode and Moran was certainly a rat, however, there is always the untold case of the Giant Rat of Sumatra and, of course, the reference in The Boscombe Valley Mystery. Chances are good that we’ll get a first episode that makes reference to more than one Holmes story.


Alright, alright. Calm down. I’ve already discussed John Wedding scenario possibilities here. And let’s be honest we’d all LOVE to see Sherlock and Mycroft at a Bachelor Party! But there are a a LOT of weddings in the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Canon including:

  • The Sign of the Four with Mary Morstan (whom even Sherlock finds “charming”)
  • Charles Augustus Milverton (who is certainly another “rat”)
  • The Illustrious Client (although we’ve already used that one once in Scandal, but they didn’t use the bit where Sherlock gets engaged — and then jilts the bride)
  • The Noble Bachelor (which coudl be turned into John and make the fans happy with a runaway bride)
  • The Solitary Cyclist which has lots of heroic action and a plucky, but poor heroine and is bit Victorian for my taste but I know many Sherlockians love it.

And, of course, it could always be a switch-aroo with Mofftiss and Molly could be the one with wedding…
and she asks Sherlock to walk her down the aisle since her dad is dead…hmmm?



(To quote Dumbledore)

Now calm down everyone. We’ll proceed in a calm and orderly fashion. Remember, Keep Calm and Believe in Sherlock Holmes.

Yes, yes, the first thought is His Last Bow where Sherlock retires, but keep in mind a) that there were stories written and published afterwards that took place before Last Bow and b) the word has many meanings in English. It also has multiple pronunciations, although the report is that it was said like the bow of a ship or the bow after a performance. And yes, it’s true, that while Cumberbatch and the rest have said they would love to keep doing Sherlock they are all very hot commodities right now with very lucrative and creatively satisfying offers.

Well, I’m off to do more research in the Canon (and drink some camomile tea to calm down). You do realize that Mofftiss did this to torture us because they are such awful sadists, don’t you?


You’re Saying I’m NOT a High-Functioning Sociopath?

Benedict Cumberbatch as BBC Sherlock Holmes tugging up his coat collar as he looks questioningly at something out of frame

You mean my secret is out?


‘Fraid so, Sherlock. There’s a wonderful article on Criminal Elements by a psychologist on why Sherlock is neither a psychopath nor a sociopath like Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer (in large part because he does actually care hence the name of this site). I’m going to copy a few quotes below, but you might enjoy reading the entire article. The comments are particularly fun because the commenters engage in a lovely debate about Sherlock’s Meyer-Briggs assessment (INTJ according to an early posting), the divergence between the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s character and the Moftiss incarnation of BBC Sherlock (although there’s a terrific little photo from RDJ’s Game of Shadows) which several folks deduce is autistic in some fashion, possibly Asperger’s Syndrome.

However, all are in agreement that Sherlock cares.

But heck, we knew that.

Excerpt from:

Stop Calling Sherlock a Sociopath! Thanks, a Psychologist.

by Maria Konnikova

…So how does Holmes stack up against this picture? And why has he been termed psychopathic so often—and so uncontestedly? The answer to the second question, I’d venture to guess, has something to do with the detective’s apparent coldness and his calculating nature, coupled with his vast intellect.

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Sherlock Has Very High Expectations

Martin Freeman as John Watson in BBC Sherlock talking to a frowning Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes

Oh, stop pouting, Sherlock. You didn’t really expect a parade with a flotilla and fireworks to end Sherlock Holmes Week, did you?

Of course Sherlock did, John. Not to mention a torch relay and 4-story puppet.

It may be the last day of Sherlock Holmes Week, but thank goodness we all know it’s not the last of Sherlock Holmes — or even Sherlock. The Fandom Who Waits is on the downside of the production countdown while in the States everyone is awaiting the arrival of Elementary.

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Reading List: Complete Sherlock Holmes Stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Complete list of Sherlock Holmes mystery stories
written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

“The Adventure of …” is often dropped from some story titles in current editions and anthologies. In their original appearance in The Strand magazine, the titles were given as listed below.

The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes

  • A Scandal in Bohemia
  • The Red-Headed League
  • A Case of Identity
  • The Boscombe Valley Mystery
  • The Five Orange Pips
  • The Man with the Twisted Lip
  • The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle
  • The Adventure of the Speckled Band
  • The Adventure of the Engineer’s Thumb
  • The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor
  • The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet
  • The Adventure of the Copper Beeches

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Sherlock Cares About Saving Undershaw

Poster saying Keep Calm and Save Undershaw in white letters on a red background with stylized violin and bow at the top

© 2012 by Patrick Kelley

Update: High Court rules Reserve Decision. The final decision will be made in a week at the earliest, July at the latest. This is actually a good thing since it means the decision did not definitely go against Undershaw. I suspect building increased awareness of the support for Undershaw would be helpful, folks, so let’s keep tweeting, posting, Liking, asking your local media to cover the story,  and making a bit of a fuss (albeit politely).

Update Link: The Telegraph has a nice article and video with Mark Gatiss regarding the Save Undershaw campaign.

It’s appalling that Arthur Conan Doyle’s home is at risk of demolition. Sherlock Holmes is as iconic a character worldwide as Ebenezer Scrooge and has, in fact, appeared directly or indirectly in more creative work than any other English author’s including Scrooge.

Please help by signing the petition as well as making a small donation on the official Save Undershaw website to legal costs.

Spread the word with posts, tweets and liking the Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/saveundershaw

A judicial review meets today. Time is running out so please act today!