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Even Sherlock Needs a Bit of Recovery Time

Benedict Cumberbatch as BBC Sherlock Holmes lying on sofa in dressing gown and pajamas

A Supernatural cosplay won the Seattle Sherlock Con competition?! I still maintain that we would have won, if you had let me explain how to identify 243 different cigarette ashes, John.

You should have worn the hat, Sherlock.

Right. So I made it back from the Seattle Sherlock Con Monday in time to feed cats, clean the litter boxes, and dash off to my NaNoWriMo group meeting where I finally decided which Sherlock novella project I would work on and started roughing out the outline (only 7 days  behind schedule).

Thank You to Everyone Who Donated or Bought a T-Shirt or Tote Bag

I met some lovely people at the Sherlock Convention and really appreciated the support, both verbal and tangible. We are completely out of both Small and 2XL quote t-shirts. Some folks had some smashing ideas for taking a Large t-shirt and recycling it into something they could use even though it was too big. Some of my favourite ideas was a pillow, a purse and a laptop case cover. I may play with those this winter.

I’ll be posting a big Thank You Shout Out tomorrow for as many of the lovely folks who assisted, said kind, words, and so forth at the SSC. I’ll also be getting up the promised PDF files for the complete set of Sherlock Quote (Artist) Trading Cards so that folks can download the sheets and print out their own set on business card stock. I’m glad so many folks enjoyed them.

Meanwhile, I’ve decided to try to add the rest of the non-Holmes Boys fan fiction to the PDF compilation Sherlock Cares Volume 1, that folks  can download, and if they want to kick it old school, print out and turn into a physical zine. I’m also going to test my copy of Scrivener to see if I really can create an epub in multiple formats (including Kindle) with cover. I have a few of the “What Might We Deduce About His Heart?” double-sided mini-posters/fanzine covers left and will figure out something to do with them later this year. So be a little more patient with me on that (I have to catch up on being roughly 12,000 words behind on NaNoWriMo (not to mention those pesky things like paying bills).

Oh, and naturally, my copy of Sherlock: The Casebook arrived on Saturday while I was gone so I’m trying to not spend the day reading it instead of actually getting work done.


Sherlock Cares About Hurricane Sandy Victims

Benedict Cumberbatch as BBC Sherlock Holmes listening intently with a skeptical look on his face

What do you mean you what’s a Hurricane Sandy? What are you — a criminal, a drunk or an idiot?

Right. Sherlockian Diane Quintal suggested that the Sherlock Cares table at this coming weekend’s Seattle Sherlock Con have a donation can for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  Since I’m extremely familiar with hurricane survival and the aftermath, and happen to have family in the afflicted area, I thought it was a brilliant idea. A big Thank You Shout Out, to Diane (aka Mooney). In addition, I want to encourage all Sherlock fans to make a contribution to either (or both) the Red Cross or the Humane Society (the closest thing to the UK’s Blue Cross). Links immediately below:

Red Cross                                                    Humane Society

In addition, I’ll be making those the designated charities for November (along with the usual suspect of Kids Need to Read).

Meanwhile, I’ll post some newsy updates later.


Sherlock Cares Celebrates the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and Writes Checks

Well, Sunday morning London time found me celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee with a BBC Sherlock Season 2 marathon for some folks who had not yet seen it (I am doing my best to evangelize and inculcate people into the cult fandom). We had an imported “artisan” English Cheddar cheese, muffins (the English variety, of course), ginger lemon biscuits (also imported), home-made trifle, and imported Yorkshire Gold tea. Hankies and reassurance were handed out after Reichenbach Fall. The weather cooperated by being gray, chilly and rainy.

As a second-generation devoted follower of Her Majesty, I confess I teared up when watching all of the celebration videos on BBC and YouTube.  I looked for Mycroft among the officials, but he seems to have celebrated at the Diogenes Club or at home.

A Big Thank You to Everyone Who Supported SherlockCares

I considered making a list of everyone who has purchased products from the SherlockCares Cafe Press store, but it seemed a bit excessive (I may still do it, but we are looking at options like a Random Shout Out widget). So let me just say “thank you.” SherlockCares.com has raised a little over £81 (£81.47 to be exact) in its first 6 weeks. I am writing checks to the designated charities this week, although I’ve decided to make the Kids Need to Read amount cumulative and paid quarterly to avoid unnecessary processing fees on the amount. So £8.12 has been added to the Kids Need to Read total and the rest distributed as listed on the Charities page.

Meanwhile, rather than send Save Undershaw such a paltry sum as a portion of the SherlockCares profits, I decided to change it to a matching fund and a donation pledge of £81 has been made on the official Save Undershaw site. We’re hoping this won’t be a one time pledge.