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Even Sherlock Needs a Bit of Recovery Time

Benedict Cumberbatch as BBC Sherlock Holmes lying on sofa in dressing gown and pajamas

A Supernatural cosplay won the Seattle Sherlock Con competition?! I still maintain that we would have won, if you had let me explain how to identify 243 different cigarette ashes, John.

You should have worn the hat, Sherlock.

Right. So I made it back from the Seattle Sherlock Con Monday in time to feed cats, clean the litter boxes, and dash off to my NaNoWriMo group meeting where I finally decided which Sherlock novella project I would work on and started roughing out the outline (only 7 days  behind schedule).

Thank You to Everyone Who Donated or Bought a T-Shirt or Tote Bag

I met some lovely people at the Sherlock Convention and really appreciated the support, both verbal and tangible. We are completely out of both Small and 2XL quote t-shirts. Some folks had some smashing ideas for taking a Large t-shirt and recycling it into something they could use even though it was too big. Some of my favourite ideas was a pillow, a purse and a laptop case cover. I may play with those this winter.

I’ll be posting a big Thank You Shout Out tomorrow for as many of the lovely folks who assisted, said kind, words, and so forth at the SSC. I’ll also be getting up the promised PDF files for the complete set of Sherlock Quote (Artist) Trading Cards so that folks can download the sheets and print out their own set on business card stock. I’m glad so many folks enjoyed them.

Meanwhile, I’ve decided to try to add the rest of the non-Holmes Boys fan fiction to the PDF compilation Sherlock Cares Volume 1, that folks  can download, and if they want to kick it old school, print out and turn into a physical zine. I’m also going to test my copy of Scrivener to see if I really can create an epub in multiple formats (including Kindle) with cover. I have a few of the “What Might We Deduce About His Heart?” double-sided mini-posters/fanzine covers left and will figure out something to do with them later this year. So be a little more patient with me on that (I have to catch up on being roughly 12,000 words behind on NaNoWriMo (not to mention those pesky things like paying bills).

Oh, and naturally, my copy of Sherlock: The Casebook arrived on Saturday while I was gone so I’m trying to not spend the day reading it instead of actually getting work done.


Mycroft’s Birthday Wishes

Mark Gatiss as Mycroft Holmes in BBC Sherlock

What I’d really like for my birthday is for John Watson to stop trying to punch me in the face.

Well, Mycroft, John Watson might eventually forgive, but I doubt he’s gong to forget that it was you who blabbed all of Sherlock’s secrets to Moriarty. Meanwhile, we’re all eagerly preparing for Mark Gatiss’s birthday. (Yes, we hope to have some more Mycroft fanfic done (now that someone has pointed out my inadequate math skills when tired)). There’s still time to donate to the Mark Gatiss Birthday Fund and get our celebrations in order. He has supposedly finished the script for “The Empty House” (aka Rat), the first episode of Season 3 of BBC Sherlock.

On a coompletely different subject, if you haven’t caught any of the reports coming out of Cheltenham Literary Festival where the Benedict Cumberbatch fans actually out fanned the Harry Potter/J.K. Rowling contingent (and where have you been), here’s a link to what I think is the best summation over on Sherlockology. There’s also a nice one with Benedict Cumberbatch’s praise for his co-star Martin Freeman at RadioTimes.

Quick Tip for All Benedict Cumberbatch Fans:

Benedict Cumberbatch really, Really HATES when people try to take his photo surreptitiously. So if you spot him, especially if he’s just going about his daily life, control yourself and don’t sneak a pic. He’s also not crazy about fans videoing outside filming shoots, especially rehearsals. So let’s all try to be polite and if we happen to be in the area of Sherlock shooting in January, let’s remember it by photographing and videoing ourselves and our friends and give Mr. Cumberbatch, Mr. Freeman and the rest of the cast and crew a break.

And, finally, I want to give folks an update on the Seattle Sherlock Con coming up 3 & 4 November, 2012. Registration ends 25 October, 2012. There are no at-the-door memberships because of the seating limits on the theater where the screenings of Season 2 BBC Sherlock will be held. Con volunteer and avid gamer, Eddy Dughi, has re-skinned Arkham Horror for the characters of BBC Sherlock (Although, there has been chatter about Moriarty’s rankings, but short of redesigning the whole game — which she doesn’t have time to do before the con — we’re all accepting Moriarty’s 7 for Sanity (“You’re insane!” “You’re just now figuring that out?”)). There’s a special fan video treat and a Scavenger Hunt in the works. The Save Undershaw titles from MX Publishing should arrive in time to be available along with other titles of Sherlockian interests. Sherlock Cares will have a table with some special con discounts on t-shirts and totes as well as a little something extra for attendees. So if you around the I-5 Corridor (roughly Vancouver, B.C. Canada to Portland, Oregon, U.S.) or  looking to meet and hang-out with some Pacific Northwest Sherlocked fans, grab a membership and come on over!




How About Coming As Mycroft, Sherlock?

Martin Freeman as John Watson in the foreground and Benedict Cumberbatch as BBC Sherlock lips pinched pondering in background

Hmmm, I wonder who I should cosplay at the Seattle Sherlock Convention?


Of course, you could always go for a gender swap and come as Irene Adler in her “battle dress.” Oh, heck, just wear your sheet. If it was good enough for Buckingham Palace, it’s good enough for Seattle. Just make it a black sheet or at least your gray ones. Apparently, there’s a dress code in the city that is surprisingly similar to London’s.

So back from the preliminary Seattle Sherlock Convention volunteer meeting with some updates.

First, the space for the entire Season 2 episode viewings is limited to 295, so that’s the attendance limit. In other words, don’t dawdle if you’re thinking of coming. This also means that it will be a nice, intimate convention where you have a chance to meet new Sherlocked friends. Pre-registration is required to attend and ends 25 October, 2012 (October 25, 2012).

The convention location is surrounded by great eating and drinking (a simple walk around the block had a tally of 20 by one person). And the programming is designed to end at a time that will allow folks to get out and enjoy some of these facilities with some of their new friends. Woot! Forget the diet, Mycroft! The drinks and desserts on me!

Proposed panels are under discussion with some voting forms being developed to determine what attendees are most interested in seeing and participating in. For gamers there are all kinds of cool things planned including a custom-skinned version of Arkahm Horror with all the characters converted to Sherlock! Sweet!

Members of the local Baker Street Irregulars scion society, The Sound of Baskervilles, have been invited to discuss Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original Canon and these are some absolutely charming “top drawer” people. The Cosplay/Costuming Contest will be held on the main viewing stage so everyone can see clearly. (I’m torn between trying to finish my sweater in time or doing a rendition of Mycroft — I have umbrella, after all.) I suppose I should warn everyone that the Trivia Contest coordinator is very keen about her job and was last heard muttering about “lighting and special effects” when she discovered that the Trivia Contest will also be held on the main stage. There will be a concert of Sherlock filks, a small assortment of vendors with a varied assortment of goodies on display, and much more.

It’s safe to say that even Sherlock will not be bored!

Updates on the schedule, panelists, and so forth will be posted on the official Seattle Sherlock Convention site (as well as PDF downloads of the posters). And I’ll be posting updates from time to time. I hope to see some of your there. (I’m going to come up with a some small give-away for Sherlock Cares visitors who come up and give me secret password — to be revealed shortly before pre-registration closes.)


One Tiny Thing to Share, Sherlock

Bit crazed today with work and commitments, especially after attendee the volunteer meeting for the Seattle Sherlock Convention (much more information forthcoming). (And yes, Sherlock Cares will be there with t-shirts, totes and more. Thank you for asking.)

At the meeting I met a delightful actress and fan video maker named Beverly who has done this marvelous Post-Reichenbach piece I thought I’d share today (yes, I do have most of the flash fic I promised done and, knock wood, it will go up later today).


Meanwhile, enjoy!