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Sherlock Cares Celebrates the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and Writes Checks

Well, Sunday morning London time found me celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee with a BBC Sherlock Season 2 marathon for some folks who had not yet seen it (I am doing my best to evangelize and inculcate people into the cult fandom). We had an imported “artisan” English Cheddar cheese, muffins (the English variety, of course), ginger lemon biscuits (also imported), home-made trifle, and imported Yorkshire Gold tea. Hankies and reassurance were handed out after Reichenbach Fall. The weather cooperated by being gray, chilly and rainy.

As a second-generation devoted follower of Her Majesty, I confess I teared up when watching all of the celebration videos on BBC and YouTube.  I looked for Mycroft among the officials, but he seems to have celebrated at the Diogenes Club or at home.

A Big Thank You to Everyone Who Supported SherlockCares

I considered making a list of everyone who has purchased products from the SherlockCares Cafe Press store, but it seemed a bit excessive (I may still do it, but we are looking at options like a Random Shout Out widget). So let me just say “thank you.” SherlockCares.com has raised a little over £81 (£81.47 to be exact) in its first 6 weeks. I am writing checks to the designated charities this week, although I’ve decided to make the Kids Need to Read amount cumulative and paid quarterly to avoid unnecessary processing fees on the amount. So £8.12 has been added to the Kids Need to Read total and the rest distributed as listed on the Charities page.

Meanwhile, rather than send Save Undershaw such a paltry sum as a portion of the SherlockCares profits, I decided to change it to a matching fund and a donation pledge of £81 has been made on the official Save Undershaw site. We’re hoping this won’t be a one time pledge.


Undershaw Has Been Saved!


UPT Co-Founder Lynn Gale says, “We did it! The team from all over the world has saved the former home of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle from development. The judge ruled in our favour this morning. Thank you to everyone for all their support.”

Poster saying Keep Calm and Save Undershaw in white letters on a red background with stylized violin and bow at the top

© 2012 by Patrick Kelley

The work is not done, however, so please consider helping cover the financial costs for the next phase of saving Undershaw. You can make a pledge on the Official Save Undershaw site. SherlockCares.com has already made a pledge. You can see how your purchases of SherlockCares products on Cafe Press have helped as well by checking the latest news on the April/May profits.

We will now raise our glasses in celebration!


Sherlock Cares About Saving Undershaw

Poster saying Keep Calm and Save Undershaw in white letters on a red background with stylized violin and bow at the top

© 2012 by Patrick Kelley

Update: High Court rules Reserve Decision. The final decision will be made in a week at the earliest, July at the latest. This is actually a good thing since it means the decision did not definitely go against Undershaw. I suspect building increased awareness of the support for Undershaw would be helpful, folks, so let’s keep tweeting, posting, Liking, asking your local media to cover the story,  and making a bit of a fuss (albeit politely).

Update Link: The Telegraph has a nice article and video with Mark Gatiss regarding the Save Undershaw campaign.

It’s appalling that Arthur Conan Doyle’s home is at risk of demolition. Sherlock Holmes is as iconic a character worldwide as Ebenezer Scrooge and has, in fact, appeared directly or indirectly in more creative work than any other English author’s including Scrooge.

Please help by signing the petition as well as making a small donation on the official Save Undershaw website to legal costs.

Spread the word with posts, tweets and liking the Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/saveundershaw

A judicial review meets today. Time is running out so please act today!