4 thoughts on “There’s No Competition, Sherlock

  1. Anne Zanoni

    Well, of course he wins. 😀 Benedict can weep spontaneously.

    Great skill for an actor! Perfect for Sherlock Holmes…

    I bet that made his childhood [teens?] exciting more than once. (8/)

    “But I never laid a finger on him!”

    “Oh, everyone knows what you’re like with new boys, come off it. Poor little tyke… Don’t worry, dear — this one will get what’s coming to him!”

    {sounds of pain in background}

    1. Watson Post author

      I suspect he used his talent for crying on demand for romance. Tears can be so handy for making a woman think you’re emotionally moved by something romantic or tender or that you’re exceptionally hurt or upset by something the other person said or did. Tears can be amazingly manipulative, especially with women. Sherlock and the “missing” man’s wife in The Great Game is a case in point.

      I had a friend who could cry on cue who used it to get out of speeding tickets. It was both astounding and greatly annoying to watch.

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