Undershaw Has Been Saved!


UPT Co-Founder Lynn Gale says, “We did it! The team from all over the world has saved the former home of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle from development. The judge ruled in our favour this morning. Thank you to everyone for all their support.”

Poster saying Keep Calm and Save Undershaw in white letters on a red background with stylized violin and bow at the top

© 2012 by Patrick Kelley

The work is not done, however, so please consider helping cover the financial costs for the next phase of saving Undershaw. You can make a pledge on the Official Save Undershaw site. SherlockCares.com has already made a pledge. You can see how your purchases of SherlockCares products on Cafe Press have helped as well by checking the latest news on the April/May profits.

We will now raise our glasses in celebration!


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