Well, John Watson’s Glad Someone Is Having Fun Right Now

Actually, the Sherlock Master Class interview below is lovely. I especially like the way Mark Gatiss keeps making certain Andrew Scott is not forgotten by the interviewer (not to mention that it also makes clear that Mr. Gatiss watches a bit of YouTube fan videos…). Stven Moffat conveys his joy and gratitude for his life right now and the passion he and Mark Gatiss have for their two projects.

The video may take a bit of time to load because it’s coming from the Guardian Media servers, but it’s well worth the wait if you haven’t seen it.

I’m loving the Pond Life videos. I confess I not a Whovian. I love snippets of the episodes and all the Doctors (yes, I liked Eccleston), but the stories don’t always hold together for me, so the Pond Life is like the best of Dr. Who in little starter servings.

I wonder if we can get Mofftiss to do a “Pond Life” series for Sherlock to tide us over until Season 3. “Molly’s Life?” I fear Watson’s life right now would be a bit grim.


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