Well, Technically, John, Sherlock Cracked Santa’s List

Benedict Cumbertach  as BBC Sherlock Holmes with Martin Freeman as John Watson in antlers - Text says: You hacked Santa's list? Ooh, sherlock, you're in trouble now.

See? Antlers. Look closely. Bit hard to see in this background. More coming. (It’s a series with something like a narrative.)

Speaking of more coming, in case you haven’t noticed, and still are looking for gifts or good reading, we’ve added an MX Publishing shop to the site. I’ll be adding some reviews shortly, but let me start by saying A Sherlock Holmes Who’s Who by Molly Carr is a must have for any Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Canon pastiche authors, and I highly recommend it for any BBC Sherlock or Sherlock Holmes fan fiction writers who want to incorporate from the Canon. Great for names, places, and insider bits (like those Vatican Cameos). It would make a terrific gift for the author on your list!

And speaking of gifts, the folks at Sherlockology have a new Advent Calendar Mystery Contest going called the Silverstone Blaze, done like the Sherlock: Casebook with sarcastic Post-its and all. Lots of fun!

Trying to finish a Holmes Boys story for the season, but have run into a philosophical question and decided to take a poll. Your help is appreciated.

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One thought on “Well, Technically, John, Sherlock Cracked Santa’s List

  1. Anne Zanoni

    Divided on this. Part of me wants to say Yes, he does, but stops after this Christmas; another part wants to say he figures it out.

    Color me undecided.

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