What are we going to do tonight, Sherlock?

Okay, I am a Huge Pinky & the Brain fan. Yes, I religiously watched the original Animaniacs & P&TB episodes on TV (scary when you realize I haven’t had TV reception for 13 years…) and have all the DVDs. So I love this video — except for one small boo-boo that everyone seems to make.

When you watch the series regularly you realize that Pinky is the genius and The Brain is insane. Honest. Watch. The Brain’s plans always fail and when whenever Brain is about to destroy the world, Pinky always saves it in some totally intuitive way. I keep wanting to beg the video creator to fix it, but meanwhile just keep that in mind while you enjoy this video.

Oh, and this video uses nothing but Season 1 clips so it’s absolutely safe for U.S. viewing.


Martin Freeman as John Watson and Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes in BBC Sherlock discussing evidence in the lab

What are we going to do tonight, Sherlock? The same thing we do every night, John. Try to take over London.

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