Wicked Fun With Sherlock Holmes and John Watson

Frankly, I couldn’t finish the book, Wicked, but something incredibly weird is happening in musical theater. First, I have not 1 but 2 favorite fan videos to a tune from Legally Blonde, a less than brilliant movie turned into a musical for reasons beyond my understanding. Second, I discovered a fabulous fan music video to a song I actually like from the musical version of Wicked, another slight concept turned for reasons beyond my understanding into a musical — but then again who would have thought a musical based on the poems of T.S. Eliot about cats would be the longest running musical in Broadway history…

Obviously, I would be wise to never invest in theater production.

Meanwhile, enjoy this wickedly funny, brilliant bit of cross-over starring our favorite buddies, Sherlock Holme sand John Watson, as the U.S. inches it’s way to Season 2 finale of BBC’s Sherlock.

Every time I see Martin Freeman’s Watson now, I’m going to be thinking “Blonde.”


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