You’re Gonna Find Out Who Your True Friends Are, Sherlock

Very excited! Our first Guest. Our first non-YouTube fan music video.

Since all the True Friends of the BBC series Sherlock will be keeping their fingers crossed for a Big Night for Team Sherlock and Benedict Cumberbatch in particular (although a second BAFTA for Martin Freeman would be nice), I agreed this was an appropriate choice.

Thank You Shout Out @HighFunctioning Sociopath!

Note from HighFunctioning Sociopath: This is for H who likes her video like good scotch — neat and straight.

Song: True Friends
Artist: Shannon Curfman
Album: Loud Guitars, Big Suspicions (1999)

Available on iTunes and other places

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement is intended. No rights are claimed to the video clips or the music. All of my creativity is in the mashup and editing. This video is intended entirely for fun and entertainment only.


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